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About Us

Built By Athletes for Athletes

We approach performance athletic apparel a bit differently than others.  We’re not marketers looking for the best tag line. We’re former athletes who know what performance means  – but we’re also manufacturers. We own the factory our garments are made in and our expertise is designing, developing and manufacturing the best fabrics available to meet the specific needs of the most competitive athletes.

We understand what works and what doesn’t from a manufacturing and athletic performance point of view.

Experience Makes All the Difference

Athletes understand what athletes need to perform at the highest levels. Likewise,  great manufacturers understand how to make premier products.

PN Jone understands both!

The company is the brainchild of founder – and athlete – Nina Khoury.

Nina spent her life as a runner when she competed and won numerous awards all the way through college. After graduating with a Master’s degree in International Business, Nina put her love of Track and Field to good use when she met her partner Parry.

Nina saw a void in the market when she was training – wearing heavy, cumbersome cotton gear that chafes as it absorbs perspiration and increases in weight as it retains moisture.

It was at that time that Nina knew there was an opening in the market for a performance apparel company that could identify the most innovative materials and transform those materials into garments that would perform at the highest levels. While competing, Nina won countless awards and trophies representing schools at all levels: elementary, secondary, and collegiate. After graduating with her Master’s, she put her Track and Field days behind her and began developing the most innovative fitness apparel.

Together Nina and Parry started PN Jone and used their love of athletics and knowledge of cutting-edge sportswear design and textiles to create a premium collection of performance driven apparel.

Nina’s enthusiasm was like a magnet to her new partner, Parry. He shared her enthusiasm for cutting-edge sportswear and inspired her to seek out new textiles and ways to use them. Parry was instrumental in helping Nina clarify the needs of the modern athlete.

PN Jone. Performance Fashion Wear.

Performance.  Quality. Accountability. It’s in everything we do and everything we touch.

We hold ourselves accountable to only the highest standards. Our line of sportswear is fabricated from innovative, natural fibers woven from coconut shells. This sustainable resource produces a garment that offers UV protection, fights odors, and possesses tremendous wicking qualities.

Our quality reaches even further beyond our materials. Our staff is specially trained to produce our garments with tough, long lasting craftsmanship. Our tailors are like family and put their expertise into every garment we make.

We Cover the World.

What’s your style? At PN Jone we stay ahead of trends and involve ourselves in global lifestyles and cultures. We’re continually adapting our line of sportswear to fit the options needed for active lifestyles. We take pride in knowing we meet the needs of athletes and active people in Canada, Europe, the United States, and China.

Chosen by Olympians.

In 2010 PN Jone helped the U.S. and Canadian Alpine Skiing teams heat up the slopes of the Winter Olympics. These two teams chose PN Jone for their Olympic attire and we’re proud to have played a part in helping them with their Olympic medals.

Why Did Canada & the U.S. Alpine Teams choose PN Jone?

It wasn’t just for the looks. Our ski garments are fabricated with an ultra-low fictrion coating that creates a lower drag coefficient and reduces wind resistance by an incredible 20%!

And it’s not just skiing… many other well-known athletes seek our brand including climbers like Chris Linder and award-winning cyclists like Yuri Metlushenko. So whether your sport is running, yoga, swimming, hiking, or endurance…we’ve got the sportswear you need.

PN Jone. Fueling the Vision.

Novice athletes and Olympic champions fuel our research and development of revolutionary textiles and design. We consult and create leading-edge styles that place you at the front of the pack. And we work hard with textile developers to ensure our sportswear exceeds your performance requirements.

The Future of Fitness.

We know athletes do what they love… and love what they do. So do we! That’s why we dedicate so much of our time and resources to investigating the science and technologies behind fitness gear. Check back with us often for the latest updates and new products, or come visit us at one of the trade shows we do near you.

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